Claremont Courier offers its support for Jed Leano

“He is approachable, witty and energetic, and possesses leadership qualities we feel will be an asset to our community …

“Spend any amount of time with Mr. Leano, you get the sense that great things are going to happen.”

Claremont Courier Editorial Board

Jed Leano for Claremont City Council

I’m Jed Leano, candidate for Claremont City Council.
I am passionate about my community and eager to serve this wonderful city.
I am an immigration attorney, owner of my own law firm, commissioner, husband, and father.

Learn more about me and why I’m running.

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Why I’m Running

Leadership is not just about checklists of policies. It’s about the process by which we analyze challenges and then offer solutions. Leadership is about how we communicate. Leadership is about how we listen and learn.

Where I stand on homelessness

My commitment to sustainability

Support for Claremont senior citizens

Ensuring Claremont’s financial solvency

Building a safe and modern police facility


Featured Endorsements

In August, I returned to Junior State of America’s Burd Institute at UCLA to talk about practicing law and running for office. …

Twenty-four years ago I attended JSA summer school at Stanford. I was 14. In August, I returned to JSA’s Burd Institute at UCLA to talk about practicing law and running for office. The students’ optimism and enthusiasm reminded me that I was once a kid who wanted to change the world one case at a time.

Thank you, JSA students.

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Jed is a committed civil servant, a knowledgeable pragmatist, and a supporter of the arts. I know he will provide the balance of vision, knowledge and common sense that Claremont needs to continue to thrive and grow into the future.


While serving with Jed on the Community and Human Services Commission, I was increasingly impressed by his
style of informed and transparent leadership. I then became the first to suggest that he run for City Council. Jed will serve as a positive and creative voice in Claremont’s future.

Butch Henderson