Where I stand on homelessness

Homelessness – All over America, homelessness is on the rise, and Claremont is no exception. There are many factors that give rise to increased homelessness, namely housing affordability, wage stagnation, cost of education, and mental health. But as a community we must find both the will and the fortitude to provide concrete solutions to homelessness, addressing both chronically homeless people currently living on the street and also homelessness prevention for families on the brink.

Our current community response to homelessness is a referral system, in which we try to bridge the gap between the homeless in Claremont and community partners who offer services to help. This effort is substantial and ongoing. But we must plan our response to homelessness relative to the newest development in the field – Measure H. Working with and accessing Measure H resources will be a nuanced and delicate effort. But only with persistence and aggressive leadership will Claremont be able to develop a strategy that incorporates Measure H into our short term and long term planning and response.

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— Jed