Building a safe and modern police facility

Building a safe and modern police facility — I support the need to build a new facility to replace our current 45-year-old Claremont Police Station. It was designed for an all-male police department that was half the size of the current department. Built in the 1970s, the building does not comply with modern standards, and its jail facility is at risk of decertification (in which case the city could not use it as a jail anymore). In order to get enough support to build a new station, I would accept a square footage parcel tax. I am also open to ideas about scaling the project down, but will not support removing the jail. The police station holding cell is seen as a temporary facility and is thus not generally given the attention it deserves as an important part of the custodial chain, and that is why it is crucial to maintain local control over detention policies and procedures.

Other issues:

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