Featured Endorsements

Claremont is a strong community that deserves equally strong leaders who will listen to each other and to community members and work together to proactively solve tough problems. We need leaders who understand human values, community values, and financial values. I believe that Jed Leano is such a person, which is why I support his candidacy for Claremont City Council.


Jed is a committed civil servant, a knowledgeable pragmatist, and a supporter of the arts. I know he will provide the balance of vision, knowledge and common sense that Claremont needs to continue to thrive and grow into the future.


Jed’s enthusiasm for and dedication to Claremont is second to none. Jed is a person of integrity who is open to all viewpoints. He understands the need for development that fits the City while preserving the qualities that have made Claremont unique.


We support Jed for city council because he has the knowledge and skills to make thoughtful and sustainable decisions that will bene t every resident of our community.


Claremont needs council representation that is fully engaged with the community regarding upcoming housing and commercial developments. From inception, to final approval, to completion, we need to ensure that our housing needs at all income levels and age groups are fully considered. I have 100% confidence that Jed will pay close attention to details and provide full transparency and communication.


I am very impressed with Jed’s knowledge and willingness to address issues that will positively impact our community.


Jed represents the best combination of a progressive political sensibility with a skill set that will make him
an effective city council member. He can zero in on problems, come up with imaginative and financially sound solutions and negotiate to make them happen.


We are impressed by Jed’s values. He is a person of integrity and is open-minded. He listens thoughtfully and
will compromise to find realistic and effective solutions to Claremont’s challenges, taking into consideration the ramifications of the decisions. Jed is generous with his time and talents and is an active member of the Claremont community. We believe Jed is the right man for Claremont City Council in 2018.


I’m supporting Jed for City Council because he is the perfect example of a servant-leader. He recognizes what he’s capable of doing and recognizes the strengths of others by supporting their endeavors of leadership. It’s because of people like Jed that I became more interested in city politics and service. And it will be because of people like Jed that we can still have a positive outlook on the future of politics locally and around the country.

Tahil Sharma

I am impressed by Jed’s willingness to work hard. He has a clear vision on what’s best for Claremont and has stayed focused on his goals for Claremont throughout his campaign. He has the temperament of a leader who can guide us to a bright Claremont future. We need Jed’s talent and energy on the Council. He has my vote.

Peter Yao