Featured Endorsements

As a business owner and mom, Jed is exactly the leader Claremont needs right now. Over the ensuing years, City Council will make critical decisions that determine Claremont’s fiscal future. Jed is a smart, creative problem-solver and is committed to representing Claremont on a regional level supporting our transportation, health, and social service needs.

Valerie Martinez

Why am I supporting Jed Leano for City Council? He has clear ideas as to how to move Claremont forward. He offers solutions. His beliefs are firmly entrenched in the values that are the most important to me: integrity, honesty and the courage of conviction. He will not do what is expedient; he will do what is right!

Raul Rodriguez

What strikes us about Jed is his inexhaustible curiosity. He listens and learns. So his ideas for moving Claremont forward are based on broad knowledge, thoughtful analysis, and sound judgment.

Lissa and Dan Petersen

How will Claremont become more sustainable, resilient, and habitable? Jed Leano has the vision to understand and the energy to tackle such tough issues as expanding mass transit, reducing vehicle gridlock and fossil-fuel consumption, increasing recycling, building affordable housing, and reducing water usage. That’s why he has my vote for Claremont City Council.

Char Miller

While serving with Jed on the Community and Human Services Commission, I was increasingly impressed by his
style of informed and transparent leadership. I then became the first to suggest that he run for City Council. Jed will serve as a positive and creative voice in Claremont’s future.

Butch Henderson